Black Tie Dress Ideas for Men

So you get an invite to the party of the year and it says Dress Code: Black Tie. Some guys revel in this and jump for joy. Others panic and shrivel in fear. We are here to explain and calm you nerves. After all, it is just a party!   First [Read more]


How Do I Clean My Suede Shoes?

We guide you through the steps of cleaning and protecting your suede footwear. Suede breathes and needs air so maybe do not store them in tight plastic boxes.

  1. When you buy them: spray them with protector suitable for suede. This is a real benefit (especially in the rain) and will maintain [Read more]

Gucinari Mens Green Horse Bit Loafer

How to Wear Men’s Loafers

The great thing about the mens loafer is how they traverse the smart and casual world. This can also be difficult in terms of how to dress in them. We have put together a few ideas to help along the way. There are some really formal style loafers around which [Read more]

Manuk MSF

The Formal Oxford Brogue

Post The Kingsman, there was a lot of debate about whether the oxford worn should be plain or brogued. If you don't know what this is about, there was a declaration in the film that 'oxfords not brogues are the creed of the Kingsman'. The idea for such spies was [Read more]

Gucinari Cuban Heel Winklepicker Boot

How to Wear Cuban Heels

What can a man wear with cuban heels? Well. Put simply the answer is confidence. Men are in a world where they can now wear whatever they want but if anyone does wonder about men in heels let us start with a history lesson. Ninth century Persian soldiers going to war [Read more]

Gucinari Mens Tan Derby Brogue Shoe

How to Wear Brown Brogues

So you want a pair of brown brogues but not sure what to wear them with? Well it really depends on the look you want. Lets break it down into formal and casual. The brogue shoe above is inspired by the country and that is where the origins [Read more]

Gucinari Mens Designer Leather Brogues

Brogues are Back

A timeless shoe, originating over 500 years ago, the brogue is full of history and style. Once a very basic shoe, intended for long walks across bogs and muddy terrain, the brogue’s sole purpose now is fashion. Men’s shoes can often be un-inspiring, but recent years have seen a rising trend in [Read more]

Gucinari Mens Brown Chelsea Brogue Boot

The Cuban heel and its variations

Cuban heel - A broad heel of moderate height with a slightly tapered back and straight front, used in shoes and some boots. Men wearing heels have had a long history, mostly featuring what is now considered the ‘Cuban heel’, being worn as early at the 9th century. Our knowledge of them begins with decorations on ceramic bowls depicting Mongolian horsemen wearing them – however this was used predominantly as [Read more]

Gucinari Mens Pointed Toe Cuban Heel Chelsea Boot

The History of Winklepickers

Winklepickers are a decadent, downright underground style of shoe or boot worn initially by Teddy Boys in the 1950’s and rock and roll fans. The main characteristic of the shoe as a winklepicker is its very sharp and long pointed toe. Imagine you are at the seaside having a traditional snack of periwinkles [Read more]