Sigur Black Suede Chelsea Boot

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A sumptuous black suede chelsea boot on a soft angular last creates a modern style of boot enhanced by light stitching to a light outsole. The actual sole is rubber which is durable and hardwearing but the feel of this boot is light particularly with its elastic side gussets.

• Suede upper, leather lining, leather and rubber sole
• Also available in brown suede

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Product Description

Lush black suede chelsea boots for men who like something a little different, a little versatile and a lot stylish. The dark velvet texture of the black suede is tactile and decadent. The shape of the last is chiselled and finished off with a light contrast stitch which gives a hand made feel. The main characteristic of the chelsea boot is the elastic side guest which originally came about due to the invention of vulcanised rubber. Victoria, Queen of England had her bootmaker create boots for her. He made them with this material so it would be easy for her to get them on and off. Of course, they took off because of the practical benefits. Lest we forget, the chelsea boot derives its name from the cooler kids in the 60s who hung around chelsea with their mops and dashing suits. Their style heroes wore these boots with such ease. Think Mick Jagger and the four boys who dressed in sharp suits. From there, the mods took up the mantle of style guru and again wore pin sharp suits with chelsea boots. So there we have it, a great back story of why these black suede chelsea boots are a must have iconic piece of footwear. If you spray the suede with protector, it will help and if you happen to get them wet a top tip is to stuff with paper as that absorbs the moisture. Finally store in a cool dark place and check this out: suede needs to breathe so keep out of the box.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 34 x 23 x 12 cm

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